What I bring, what I look for, what I want
No stranger to high-pressure creative problem solving consulting environments, I take my years of experience in the business world along with my sense of style and apply them both to my photography. I am passionate about photography and the passion drives me; it inspires me and it makes me happy. It connects me to people and the world we live in.
I enjoy the chance to meet new and interesting people... the chance to find beauty where none was seen... to capture beauty, both hidden and obvious, and share it with others... to give something to people that makes them feel good or perhaps just feel something... to share how I feel without words, words that often fail... and to create and inspire.
I want to do work of my choosing with people of my choosing... to create and work on projects that I want to do... to combine photography with those things that I already had passion for... economic justice, giving people opportunity, giving people hope, finding beauty, living a life full of wonder and curiosity and innocence, opening minds and showing a new way of looking at things... and so much more.
From Hobbyist to Professional
I was born, raised, and currently live in Buffalo, NY. In college I attained a computer science bachelor of science degree. After college I started as a programmer and system administrator, and to the present day I work in the Information Technology industry. Specifically I have implemented, managed, and consulted in the area of information security.
Always frustrated with the result of pictures I took with 35mm point-and-shoot cameras, I had taken only a few rolls of photographs up until September 2005.  Then I borrowed a mega-pixel camera. In the ensuring months I became, well... “obsessed.”
Due in part to my newness to the world of photography, I have been experimenting with different subjects and working to understand my style.
About Chris Brown
Name: Chris Brown
Age: 33
Home: Buffalo, NY, USA
Travel: North America
Camera: Digital SLR Personal Statement: “I am”
Favorite Quote: “No man is a failure who is enjoying life.” William Feather
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My Favorite Things in Life
  1. 1.Love
  2. 2.Beauty
  3. 3.Happiness
  4. 4.Understanding
  5. 5.Hope